New arrival items for BASE and Etsy(2015/6/25)

iPhoneケース(iPhone5 / iPhone5S対応)をグッズストアに追加しました。全て手作り&偶然によるものなので、二度と同じものを作る事は出来ません。






I was added to goods store some iPhone cases( for iPhone5/iPhone5S ) .There were displayed at Design Festa 41.

There are can’t make it again because all handmade and by chance.I have already clearcoating for there, so there is no much worryabout peels off soon. But there is the possibility peels offdepending on the situation of the use..

I would like to use it a lot and to enjoy it because there paint are also enjoying such a texture as having been used for many times.

And, I’m writing to let you know about our store my Etsy store has been opened.

Please look at this site:

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